1 Fire-rated downlight for UK
1”Asia-Pacific manufadturer of fire-lated LED recessed trim meeting UL263


 +260 Patent applications


5-year warranty, life span up to 40,000 hours.


Established in 2000, with 22 years' experience for European market.

Over Vertex

As an innovative and professional manufacturer for downlight, Vertex always concentrates on luminaires and smart LED lighting system.
Toppuntwas founded in 2000 with principles of innovation and profession. In the past 20 years, Vertex has more than 260 patent applications worldwide . Vertex invented fire rated downlight in 2004 complied with BS476 Part 21; And also it is the first lighting company who integrated audio system into downlight controlled by smart phone or tablet through APP in 2015.
Vertex is dedicated to provide customer good experience by delivering quality products and professional service. It has strict quality control system and strategically cooperates with good reputation suppliers on key components, which enable products approved by CE, UL, SAA etc., and offer 5 year warranty for most of products. 
In de toekomst, Vertex will continue to provide reliable products and professional service to customers With continuous innovation and steady development, Vertex will become a global remarkable branded enterprise of smart living.


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